30. November 2023

Google DeepMind CEO Predicts Human-Level AI in ‘Next Few Years’

• Google DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis believes that human-level AI could emerge within the next few years.
• This prediction comes shortly after the merging of “Google AI” and “DeepMind” into “Google DeepMind”.
• AGI (artificial general intelligence) is a hot topic in the wake of ChatGPT and similar AI products/services, and experts predict it will disrupt life on Earth.

What is AGI?

AGI stands for Artificial General Intelligence and it refers to machines with human-level cognition. There is currently no standardized definition, test or benchmark for AGI accepted by the STEM community, nor is there a unified scientific consensus on whether AGI is even possible. Some notable figures such as Roger Penrose think AGI can’t be achieved while others believe it could take decades or centuries for scientists and engineers to figure it out.

Google Deepmind CEO Predicts Emergence of Human-Level AI

Demis Hassabis, the CEO of Google DeepMind recently predicted that artificial intelligence (AI) systems would reach human-level cognition somewhere between “the next few years” and “maybe within a decade”. This prediction comes shortly after internal restructuring led Google to announce the merging of “Google AI” and “DeepMind” into the aptly named “Google DeepMind”.

Famous Figures Discussing Possibility Of AGI

Elon Musk, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman are among those who are bullish on AGI in the near term, or some similar form of human-level AI. With such influential figures discussing this technology, it has become a hot topic in recent months with many predicting how it could radically alter how crypto trading bots and GPT-based tech functions work when it arrives.

Dangers Of Human Level AI

Despite its potential benefits, experts have warned against overhyping artificial general intelligence as they believe that its emergence could also lead to catastrophic consequences if not handled appropriately. That being said, some worry about an arms race between different countries or corporations striving to create better artificial general intelligences than their competitors before anyone else does so first – which could potentially lead to unpredictable outcomes as well.


While there is still much debate surrounding artificial general intelligence’s arrival date as well as what kind of impact its emergence would have on our lives; one thing remains certain: It will certainly open up new possibilities for humanity – both positive and negative – depending on how we decide to utilize this powerful technology when it does eventually arrive